Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads are important to your business. i setting up the strategy, Advertising implementation and regularly reporting to inform you about the results of the advertising campaign. 

What is pay-per-click advertising ?

PPC Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of methods of online paid advertising where an advertiser pays only the cost of a click on his ad and is a guaranteed method to bringing targeted visitors. Generally it is more effective than “PAY-PER-IMPRESSION” method (in this case the advertiser pays the cost of the appearance of his advertisement whether the visitor clicked on his ad or not), Also advertising budget may be drained to a large extent without any real result of the advertising.



Increase the number of fans for your page or bring targeted visitors to your site from Facebook and Instagram. Visitors are targeted by age group, place of residence, interests and other criteria


Bring targeted visitors to your site from a Google search engine. visitors who searches for words related to your website or activity

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